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Here are the lyrics to the latest song I’ve written. It’s called “Coins,” and I should be recording it in a few weeks, of which I’ll upload an mp3 when it’s complete.

Cold, alone,
destitute from beyond the grave.
The spheres of influence
betrayed my inference.
You’re so intolerant.

Hope is lost,
when seeds of greed start to bloom.
Faces of children
You’re sworn to protect
vanish with indifference.

it’s all lies.
They steal the coins
from a dead man’s eyes.

Shallow minds
Never see beneath the surface,
A superficial
Corrupted in the womb.

Rule the earth.
Spawn of power, lust, and self.
Cradle destroying,
worshiper of wealth.
I’ll follow another way.

it’s all lies.
You stole the coins
from a dead man’s eyes.


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My wife and I saw Breaking Benjamin (2nd time) at Cattle Annie’s in Lynchburg, VA on 2/6/07. The first time we saw them play was at The Nation in D.C. during one of the Jagermeister tours. We liked what we saw the first time and were anticipating the second show considerably, especially since BB hadn’t yet released We Are Not Alone and Phobia the last time we saw them.

I talked to the club owner the morning of the concert and he told me the show was sold-out and that doors would open at 5:00 pm for those people who wanted to eat prior to the concert. He also said that the club had a dress code and that “Jackets wouldn’t be allowed in the building. You will have to check them at the door. Also, no hooded sweatshirts, athletic apparel, baggy jeans, or beanies. T-shirts have to be tucked in and any baseball hat had to be worn with the bill in the front.” After his dress code diatribe, I wasn’t sure if I was going to church or to a rock-n-roll show. Earlier, I was planning to wear my black hoodie, but I ditched that and ended up wearing a long sleeve t-shirt with a short sleeve t-shirt over that.

The food before the show sounded like good idea as we wouldn’t have to stop before we got there, so my wife and I took off of work early and arrived at Cattle Annie’s at 5:10 pm. When we got there, there was approximately 20-25 people in line, but the doors hadn’t opened yet. From outside we could hear the band doing a rehearsal and not a sound-check, which seemed strange since they hadn’t been on tour for three months.

At 5:30 pm it started snowing and as the sun began to set, it got extremely cold. It was worse than usual since no one was wearing a jacket. The club manager came out around 5:45 pm and said that they would not be serving any buffet and wouldn’t be opening the doors until 6:30 pm. My jaw hit the floor. We would now have to stand outside in 20 degree weather for 1.5 hours in nothing but t-shirts?!?!?! What the fuck! We begged to be let in even if we could just stand inside the restaurant, but the manager said that no one would be allowed inside until after the sound check. (It wasn’t a sound check, but a rehearsal.). The crowd outside was getting ready to riot. Most were standing there shivering to death, noses running, and faces flushed.


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