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What the hell is wrong with us? Our government is considering passing a non-binding (pun intended?) resolution demanding that Japan apologizes to China and Korea because they used Chinese and Korean women as sex slaves in the 1940’s? Christ, is there any limit to our involvement. It’s so pedantic! Therefore, I’ll offer a solution. To hell with Japan, China, and Korea. It’s not our problem. See, that was easy. Now, can we concentrate on the the environmental, educational, immigration, and health care issues that are plaguing this country? Sorry, had to ask.

Moreover, before we demand that other countries apologize for slavery, wouldn’t it be logical that we would apologize for our own? Yet nothing our government does is logical and the refusal of our legislators to unabashedly and officially apologize for ours while demanding that of other countries is hypocritical. Thus is the arrogance of America and why we’re hated so fiercely around the world.

Japan’s PM apologizes to WWII-era sex slaves
“Abe’s earlier denial of coercion drew intense criticism from Beijing and Seoul, which accuse Tokyo of failing to fully atone for wartime invasions and atrocities.

The issue also has stirred debate in the United States, where a committee in the House of Representatives is considering a nonbinding resolution calling on Tokyo to fully acknowledge wrongdoing and make an unambiguous apology.”


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If Israel attacked Lebanon, killing over 1,000 civilians, as a response to Hezbollah’s capturing of 2 Israeli soldiers, why isn’t the United Kingdom launching a ground war into Iran as we speak? I mean really, if Israel’s response was appropriate and justified, the UK will be launching an assault, complete with cluster-bombs that don’t detonate until after the skirmish, within the next 72 hours.

Iran Captures 15 British Soldiers

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south-park.jpgLast night’s episode of South Park was pure genius. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the show’s creators and writers, drew the analogy of lice living on a person’s head to humans living on planet earth. The real analogy, however, is not that humans are like wingless phthiraptra, but that the earth has a consciousness just like the planet of the lice (a humans head).

When one of the children washed his hair with a prescription shampoo to kill the lice, the lice reacted to the “catastrophe” by running for their lives to escape environmental destruction. The louse hero tried to warn his fellow lice that their “planet” had a consciousness and was reacting with harsh purposefulness. Rebuking the hero, and much like our contemporary world, there were political lice who stated that planets (nature) don’t have a life force or a consciousness, and that the catastrophe which wiped out the majority of the lice population was a “natural disaster,” a pure accident of nature.

People can say what they want about the alleged offensiveness of many South Park shows, but in my opinion, it is the most original thing going, on today’s networks anyway. We need more intellectual offensiveness.

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