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Hug me, baby

It’s going to be a busy day. My son has a band competition this morning from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The second, and not a second more, that it’s over we head to Washington D.C. for the TOOL concert. We got the tickets about four months ago and it’s been an incredibly long wait. The last time I saw them was on the Lateralus tour in 2002 and the reports are that the visuals are completely different – Pink Floyd-ish with lots of lasers.

Last night I went to the high school football game, mainly to watch my son play his saxophone. We now sit by the band and away from the 50-yard-line. Yes, away from the middle of the field, which is an unusual choice for most people. I’d much rather listen to the band, however, then sit where we used to sit and listen to the lady bang the cowbell outside of our ears for four quarters. Jesus Christ lady, give it a break! She has “Supermom” written all over her. You know the types: everything they do is done louder, brighter, and more public so everyone can see how great a parent they are. Going to the game last night, my wife and I actually heard her screaming “Go Andre!’ from outside(!) the stadium. Unbelievable.



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mochaIt’s Friday, and even though I’m exhausted, tomorrow is the TOOL concert so I’m pretty pumped. Unfortunately, it makes being at work miserable; the clock barely moves forward.

I’ve been tired for a week: sleep deprivation, chemical pollution (of the legal variety), etc. Every day, I wake up and expect that I’ll start taking better care of myself. Something always gets in the way of that, however, and I continue ignoring the prerequisites of balanced living. For example, consider my coffee intake: 16+ cups of coffee per day. That’s insane! And yet, I wonder why my kidneys sometimes hurt. I’m sure that coffee dehydrates me (I’ve forgotten the medical term for a substance that does that), so any normal person would reduce coffee intake and increase water consumption, right? No, not me. I’m a glutton for punishment. That, or I have an extremely addictive personality.


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Seeking solace in mysterious truths,
Searching for resolution in secrets.
I’ve wandered about in historical antiquity,
For time-honored principles.

Contemporary philosophies barren,
Superficial theories incomplete,
Surely a path leads upward,
But discovering it remains wanting.

Immersed in cosmic consciousness,
A metaphysical reality.
Meditation leads to an understanding,
Of incarnation of the soul.

Aromatic myrrh drifts heavenward,
While the glow of the embers resonate.
The opiate of relaxation brings questions,
And answers that need contemplation.

Through millenniums I’ve traveled,
Replete with emotional instability.
Perhaps the next rebirth
Brings treasures unknown to me.

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